Friday, February 18, 2011

Taste the Pretty

I am just about finished up with all of my frivolous knitting projects and I am getting ready for something fun and new. We've had a bit of a thaw here in Minnesota this week which got me in the mood to work on something with spring colors. Also, decorating those little felted hearts totally made me hungry for an embroidery project. So I took a long look in my cigar box filled with my favorite size 8 perle cotton and all I saw was a bunch of dark saturated colors. Bummer. What to do...what to do...hmmm. I clearly had no choice but to take a little road trip to the nearest needlework store.
So off I went today to Three Kittens Needle Arts. In addition to being a great little yarn shop, it is also a fully stocked needlework shop. One of the best things about Three Kittens is their friendly and welcoming staff. There are a couple of other needlework shops in the area that are so snobby and high falutin' and I do not tolerate their snooty pretension very well.
Like most needlework shops, Three Kittens seems to cater to the needlepoint and cross stitch crowd. But there are oodles of wonderful threads for the non-canvas embroiderer like me. I went looking for DMC perle cotton and was delighted to find Finca perle cotton instead. I really love Finca thread. It's made in Valencia, Spain and it comes in so many lustrous colors. I was so happy to find a local source for it. I also snagged a couple of skeins of Caron Watercolors hand dyed thread. I am crazy about this stuff as well. I use it single ply and feels similar to size 5 perle cotton. Again, there are so many colors and I want one of each. Three Kittens was having a sale on the Watercolors for 2 bucks each which is a really great sale and it goes to the end of February. I'm heading back there next week with my grocery money to stock up.
Next week I'll share the embroidery projects that I am starting over the weekend. Here's a sneak peek at one of them and here is another. Have a happy weekend!

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Lulu said...

Love the colors of the perle cotton. I am sending you some money, buy me some!
Love your projects too.