Friday, February 25, 2011


It was just a matter of time. My eyes have finally aged to the point where I need reading glasses. Particularly at night when I am embroidering or beading. I was having a really hard time threading my needle and I was starting to get headaches. Last weekend I was working on an embroidery project and I asked Adrian if I could borrow his reading glasses. Holy Cow! I couldn't believe how great it was to see my stitches close up. So I decided to take the plunge and go buy a pair of my own. Adrian frugally suggested the dollar store. Come on!! My eyes may be getting older, but I haven't lost my mind. All of my girlfriends have really funky and fashionable reading glasses and I wasn't going to settle for some ugly cheapo dollar store glasses.

Anyway, I was at The Three Kittens Needlework Store on Wednesday spending my grocery money on Caron Watercolors thread because it was on sale and what do you think I found in the front display case??? These fabulous turquoise reading glasses and they were BEDAZZLED!!!
Best of all they were marked down from 40 dollars to a mere seven bucks. Bazinga! I had found my reading glasses. I decided that they needed a fancy case and I knew just the fabric to use. My beloved Micheal Miller koi and lilypad bark cloth. So I cut a square along with two layers of batting and some pretty pink polka dot lining fabric and free motion quilted them together. Next I cut it into a pocket shape and added some pretty ric rac trim. I stitched it all together and added some green gros grain ribbon to bind the top and voila! I had a spiffy new glasses case. It is the perfect thing to hold my new fancy bedazzled eyeglasses.

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Lulu said...

I love those bedazzled glasses, and to think that you once worried about me bedazzling everything I own!!!!
Love you