Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

I have been doing a bit of frivolous knitting these past few weeks. This time it's tiny hearts that have captivated me. It began with the purchase of Mags Kandis' latest book called Gifted. On the cover is a bunch of the cutest little knit and felted hearts that you've ever seen. The hearts alone enticed me to buy the book and I am so glad that I did. There are some really great projects in it. I rarely purchase knitting books and prefer to check them out from the library, but this book is definitely a keeper.
Anyway, I got the book last fall and knit up a few of the hearts. They are the ones pictured above, in the bowl of crocheted acorns. They turned out okay, but in my opinion (which means absolutely nothing), the pattern was kind of fiddly. I really don't want to criticize the pattern because it is really quite clever and is a brilliant work of engineering. But I just didn't like knitting it and I wasn't perfectly happy with how they turned out after felting them in the sink. I still really wanted to make some little hearts so I did a search on Ravelry for another pattern. Lo and behold, I found a pattern called Little Hearts by Teresa Fox. The pattern was absolutely wonderful. Teresa included some really useful pictures as she knit the heart and best of all, the pattern is a free download. I found it an absolute breeze to knit and I easily memorized the pattern after knitting a few hearts. The pattern calls for worsted weight yarn. Because I wanted my hearts to be a bit smaller, I used 2 strands of fingering weight on size 7 needles . I also did not use Teresa's figure eight cast on. I did a long tail cast on of four stitches and divided them on two needles. I felted my hearts first before stuffing them. I did it by hand with hot soapy water. It took about a minute apiece. The yarn I used is called Palette by Knit Picks. Knit Picks has super affordable yarn which is perfect for frivolous knitting projects like the little hearts. As with many of my frivolous knitting projects, I got totally carried away and knit a zillion of them. I intended to embellish them all with stitching and beads and such, but that will have to wait for a bit as I am kind of burned out on hearts at this point. I did manage to embellish a few during the Superbowl last weekend.I have another frivolous knitting project that I completed last week. I'll share that next....

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Lulu said...

You never fail to amaze me with our cleverness! The little hearts are so beautiful. Love them.
Happy Valentines Day!