Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Meet Claude

This is Jean-Claude. He is french and he used to live in Paris....on the left bank, of course. He spent his days writing poetry in his flat above the boulangerie Poilane on Rue du Cherche-Midi. He had to flee the country after an altercation with a Bulgarian juggler. That's how he came to be living with me on Rue de Eustis in Saint Paul.This past Christmas Adrian and I decided to give each other toys. Just toys, and nothing else. He got an tiny flying indoor helicoper and a knex build-a-monster-bug-robot kit. I got shrinky dinks, hello kitty lip gloss, a hypotrochoid art set and a knit-a-monkey kit. Adrian was really unsure if I would like the monkey kit so he got me a robins egg blue Chantal tea pot just in case. He did not need to worry about me not liking the monkey, I absolutely adored it and I had a total blast knitting it from beginning to end. There was a great deal of giggling as I knit the long gangly arms, legs and tail. This was one of the best gifts ever. I used some self striping sock yarn to crochet the scarf. I made the scarf really, really long, just like Dr. Who.


Carmelita said...

It's about time you came back! And with such fabulous stuff. Of course, I met Jean-Claude when he was in a state of dishabille (probably from his long journey), and am so happy to see him looking quite dapper! The snowmen always make me smile. They're very endearing. And then there's the "breath of spring" quilt that is like a ray of sunshine on these cold and sometimes dreary days. Keep it coming girlfriend! you inspire many, and cheer us all!

Lulu said...

I love, love, love le petit Jean Claude!
I am working on my civil war block and listening to Playing for Pizza in my sewing studio. Thinking of you.

Sue Thomas said...

Claude is adorable and I simply love the way your mind weaves a story!!!

Thinking about you and Big Kitty so much today! Hugs!!!