Thursday, September 4, 2008

Not So New Year's Resolutions

Hello! I think I'm practically last one in the entire universe to create a blog, but better late than never, I suppose. Starting a blog was on my list of New Year's Resolutions for 2008 so at least I didn't wait until December 30th to begin this. My resolutions were all about crafty things and have nothing to do with losing weight or sticking to a budget or cutting back on swearing. Here's some of them:

1. Make new creative friends.
2. Take classes and learn new techniques.
3. Start a new embroidery project and work on wool crazy quilt block.
4. Buy one craft book per month. Just one.
5. Craft it forward. Teach creative things to others so that they can have fun too.
6. Join a creative organization or group and go to the meetings.
7. Start a craft blog and/or a craft zine.
8. Enter something I've made in the Minnesota State Fair.
9. Carry around a craft journal to record ideas and projects.
10. Complete some unfinished quilting projects.
11. Buy more beads and do more bead embroidery.
12. Sell or donate old craft books and supplies I'm not using.

The most important thing I wanted to accomplish this year was to be less of a creative recluse. Usually I spend much of my creative time alone, which suits me just fine and I usually assume that most of the projects I'm working on and the ideas that I have are of interest only to myself and a few tolerant loved ones. This year I decided that I would take some classes, join some groups, meet some new people and try to be more social with my crafty self. I've been having a really great time accomplishing my crafty resolutions and the very best part has been developing wonderful new friendships with some fabulously creative women. I still don't carry around a craft journal though and sadly I have purchased just two beads the entire year. I bought two cabs on etsy last week. Does a cabachon count as a bead? Who cares, they're gorgeous. The Lake Superior agate is a bit smaller than a quarter, the other one is a Botswana agate.

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Shanz~ said...

5. Craft it forward. Teach creative things to others so that they can have fun too.???

This one needs alteration. "Craft it Forward" I am pretty sure means to craft something clever and wonderful and beautiful and pass it on to your favorite little sister.
Hummu Hummu~~