Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Lads Are Back In Town

I woke up insanely early this morning because I was fretting about the bead project that I am currently working on. With September almost over, I am feeling a sense of urgency to get this project completed. This is the first month that I am participating in the Bead Journal Project, and I really don't want to finish this month's piece late. Definitely not the ideal way to start off a year long project! I began the piece while I was camping but I put it away after a couple of days in a fit of beader's remorse. I had been using mostly size 11 beads and the piece was looking flat and uninteresting. I wanted to mix things up with some smaller size 14's, but I didn't bring any with me and there was no ready source of beads out in the woods. In 'Pam's Perfectly Perfect World' there would have been a gypsy bead peddler camping down the trail from us!
Anyway, I was doing some predawn beading in my sewing room this morning when I heard Adrian beginning to stir. These were the first words out of his mouth: "Today's the Day"!!! I knew there was only one thing that could cause such excitement in his voice at five o'clock in the morning. NHL Hockey. Yep, tonight is the first pre-season game of the Minnesota Wild. The season is starting bit late this year because the hockey arena in St. Paul hosted the Republican National Convention a few weeks ago and they needed to bring in a voodoo priestess to help eliminate the political bad juju from the place.
Adrian has season tickets to the Wild so what this means for me is that between now and next April, I get to spend fifty some odd evenings alone. Which is a good thing because I usually love my alone nights. I listen to music, drink wine, work on projects and generally enjoy having the house to myself. It also makes me really happy that Adrian has an activity that gives him so much enjoyment. I mean, the guy lives for hockey. He spent the entire Republican Convention in a state of fear that someone would plant a bomb in the arena and ruin the hockey season. So... Today is the day!!! The Lads are Back in Town (for some odd reason, we fondly refer to the the hockey team as The Lads in our house). The photo is of Adrian, my Dad and Adrian's Dad decked out in hockey regalia. They went to a game last season when my folks were visiting us last year.
By the way, the predawn fretting turned into a morning of peaceful zen beading. I'm over halfway done with my bead project. The water part is done, now I need to work on the land.

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Sue Thomas said...

They look adorable together!!!!! I love the photo of your hockey fans!!!