Saturday, September 6, 2008

Gecko On A Stick

Here's one of the items I entered in the MN State Fair. The category was 'quilt on a stick' which is a tongue-in-cheek homage to all of the goodies you can get at the fair that are on a stick (pickle
on a stick, deep fried candy bar on a stick, alligator on a stick, etc...). There were almost 100 submissions which is amazing because this was the first year for this category. My entry, gecko on a stick, was not a winner but it did make it into the top 25.
The gecko skin was made from a tyvek mailing envelope. I painted it, stitched on it, shrunk it with a heat gun, painted it some more, fused it, cut it to shape, and stitched it onto the fabric. The feel of the tyvek is very leathery and the metallic paints give it a lovely shimmer. I gave the quilt some bling by adding a few of my coveted ceramic buttons that I bought in Prague from a street vendor.

The quilt is finished off with a handle made from an ordinary paint stirring stick from the hardware store. The colors are typical Pam colors of purple, lime green and turquoise. One day, when pigs fly, I will make something in brown. There were some really cool quilts submitted and it was fun seeing all of the creative things that everyone did. My friend Carmelita Fantastica entered a quilt in this category too. She made a beautifully embroidered red heart on a white background. Hers was in the top 25 too. Way to go Carmelita!!!

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Sue Thomas said...

This project is so you, Pam!! Love the wonderful texture of your Gecko and the buttons are sooooo fabulous!!!!