Saturday, September 13, 2008

Checking into the Clown Motel

Adrian and I discovered this motel a few years ago on an epic road trip west. We came across this vacation hot spot in the middle of nowhere. We had been driving for most of the day across miles of open range land in Nevada and when we first saw this sign were convinced that it was a mirage. Then I wondered at the marketing strategy behind this. Why would anyone think that attaching painted wooden clowns to the motel doors would act as a lure to potential patrons? Or perhaps the owners were clowns. Or maybe this is the official motel for the International Convention of Clowns. Wouldn't it be wonderful if this was a chain of motels like the Red Roof Inn or Best Western? You could travel across the country staying in Clown Motels. Maybe business would be so good that the owners would branch out and open a few upscale Jester Hotels. Or maybe a quaint Mime Bed and Breakfast out in the country.

Unfortunately we were on our way to Yosemite National Park and did not have time to stop and take advantage of all of the wonderful amenities offered at the Clown Motel. We were also a bit confused by the sign. Would our mini pets indeed be welcome at the Clown Motel? Or did the sign mean that after an evening of free HBO in our clean room, would we only be offered a mini breakfast in the morning? And what exactly is a mini pet? A ferret? A tiny pony? Or what about a mini breakfast? If it meant that we'd be served mini donuts I would have made a U turn and checked right in to the Clown Motel, that's for sure. I would have been staying all by myself though. Adrian was frightened and wanted to put as much distance as possible between him and the Clown Motel before nightfall.

I think this picture of the Clown Motel should act as a universal 'Gone Fishing' sign for bloggers. When you read the words "I'm checking into the Clown Motel" it will mean that the blogger is going on vacation, will be out of town on business, is having another psychotic episode or just doesn't feel like blogging for a while. As for me, I'll be checking into the Clown Motel and will be gone all week. Adrian and I are headed to the shores of Lake Superior for some camping fun. Hopefully it will be a clown free holiday.


Sue Thomas said...

Oh my goodness!!!!! I'm laughing so hard about this post!!!! I'm with Adrian though - a clown hotel is really creepy!!!!!!!

Brenda said...

The cheery clown waitresses in the coffee shop, and the cheery check-in clowns at reception, and the cheery clown maids who who leave happy clown mints on your pillow, are all designed to LULL YOU into a false sense of cheery security. So you won't notice the cheery clown under the bed, holding a knife.

Handmade Parade said...

Oh my! I loooove that idea!