Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I Heart Pink

Last week I returned from a wonderful winter get away. Coming home to a cold and cloudy Minnesota was a bit depressing. I think the gloomy weather had an effect on my ability to get over my jet lag. I've spent the past week feeling moody and tired and sleeping way too much. As a result, Valentine's Day came and went with very little fanfare or celebration in my house. Valentine's Day as a holiday has never really been all that important to me, but I do love the colors. Well, it's mostly about the pink for me. Pink balloons, lush pink roses, fuzzy pink sweaters, cupcakes with thick pink frosting and heart shaped sprinkles. I love the color pink. It's romantic, charming, girly and sweet. The color pink makes me smile. So here's a tribute in photos to one of my favorite colors:

I saw this building in Ireland and fell in love. I wanted to lick the wall to see if it tasted like birthday cake. I wonder what kind of shop it is?
My buddy Sammy and I crocheted these sweet fuzzy bunny slippers for her a few year's ago. I'll bet she's grown out of them by now.
This luscious quilt was made by the featured quilter at the Sister's Quilt Show a few years back. I wish I could remember her name. The quilt was huge, this photo is of the center block. There were Japanese cherry trees in the backyard of the house that I grew up in. In the springtime, I used to lay on the grass underneath the trees and look at the beautiful blue sky peeking though the pink blossoms. It's one of my favorite childhood memories. I ate a rambutan for the first time a few weeks ago. Rambutans are a hot pink, fuzzy fruit that grows in the tropics. To get to the edible fruit, you peel the rambutan like an orange. The flesh has the constistency of a peeled grape. It's wonderfully sweet and tastes kind of like a concord grape or a lychee:
Here's a close up:Last but not least is my fabulous new hairbrush. I about had a fit of the vapors when I saw this in the store. I knew at once that I must have it or die. My sister Sandra does not understand my deep and abiding love of Hello Kitty. But she did manage to swipe my favorite pink shirt that I took on vacation.

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