Saturday, January 24, 2009

Wee Weasley Sweater

In further continuation with my obsession of knitting and crocheting wee things, I spent some time before Christmas perfecting a tiny top down raglan sweater pattern. Most of the sweaters that I knit for myself are top down raglans. I love how top down raglans fit, how they can be knit in the round and how easily customizable they are. Making one in miniature was just a simple of matter of knitting a tiny gauge swatch and doing the math. I found some lovely dk weight Jamieson tweed yarn in the half price bin at my local yarn shop that I thought would make perfect little sweaters. I am a big Harry Potter fan as are many of my friends and family so I thought it would be fun to create some wee Weasley sweater ornaments. For those of you who are 'non cosciente', the Weasley sweaters are the ones that Mrs. Weasley gave to Ron, Harry, Fred and George for Christmas in the first Harry Potter book. In the movie, the sweaters were lovingly hand knit by Mrs. Weasley in a nubbly tweed yarn and had each boys initial on it. I knit up a couple of sweaters in a variety of fingering weight sock yarn until I had the pattern tweaked. These are my first sweater samples: As it turned out, I got so busy making other things for Christmas gifts that I only had time to make one sweater that I gave away. The rust colored Weasley sweater went to my friend Sue's daughter Andrea who is delightfully obsessed with Ron Weasley. The initial was embroidered on the front of the sweater with sock yarn .
I would love to make myself a full sized Weasley sweater. I'd knit it in a lovely dark plum donegal tweed yarn. But I would have to work it into my busy schedule of making lovely, frivolous things like crocheted acorns and piggy ipod cozies. I'd also like to knit up a stack of these little sweaters in variegated sock yarn to hang in my sewing room on small laundry line with wee clothespins.


Sue Thomas said...

Even cuter in real life, Pam! I'd love to see a clothesline of them in your sewing room. It would definately make me smile!!!!

Garden Club! said...

Cutest things ever. I would love to see many of these hanging from my Christmas tree, perhaps next to the ML angel!!!

Mondeskind said...

This is a darling sweater! Do you have a pattern for it? I made a full size Weasley sweater for my boyfriend from the Charmed Knits book. It took me all year, but it was the first sweater I'd ever made. It looks GREAT and it's the same colors as your mini R sweater.