Monday, October 6, 2008

Faeries in the Garden

If you want to invite a faery into your garden.....You will have to make them a pretty chair to sit on.... The chair should be made from the best materials you can find: twigs from a rowan tree, silk fabric, tiny glass beads and the finest embroidery thread.Tuck the chair into a corner of your garden....and maybe....if you're lucky....a faery will take a fancy to it and will decide to live there.


Shanz~ said...

Ohhhhhhh Missssss!!

Sue Thomas said...


Pursuing Art... said...

Hi Pam...I am finally taking the time to visit other BJP members and today is the day!

First, I want to tell you how beautiful your September piece's just lovely! The colors are spectacular and I love that you put a heart shape rock in your piece. I collect heart shape rocks myself! I like your theme and I'm sure this year of beading and journaling will invite many wonderful memories for you.

I love the faery chair! It is darling and looks like a fun project to make!

I also enjoyed reading about your knitting! Love the sheep and those clogs! I have that pattern too (for the clogs) and yarn, but I still haven't made them! They look so cozy! I'm sure your friend is thrilled to receive another pair! ;-) My knitting has been sitting since I started bead embroidery! I still have two WIP's on needles! A constant companion bag and a sleeveless sweater! Aren't the turbo needles wonderful and fast!

Looking forward to seeing your future heart art!

~Lisa ;-)

freebird said...

Oh my, did you come up with this or is this a pattern you found? If this is yours, you need to publish it as a pattern or make some more and sell a book! This is fantastic. Oh how my grown up daughter would love this!