Saturday, October 4, 2008

Another Pair of Hagrid Slippers

A few years ago I came across this pattern for felted clogs. So I knit myself a pair and wore them all the time. Next, I made Adrian a pair and then I made my sister Sandra a pair and then my Mom a pair. Every time someone came to our house and saw us wearing the felted clogs, they wanted a pair. One Christmas I knit so many pairs that I crippled myself. I got knitter's elbow for lack of a better term and it took weeks to heal. Finally I broke down and replaced my size 13 bamboo needles with Addi Turbos. Then the felted slippers really flew off my needles with lightening speed. My family began calling them Hagrid slippers because they're incredibly huge before you throw them in the washing machine and felt them. Hagrid slippers are wonderful. We have wood floors in our house and the basement is uninsulated. The wood floors get incredibly cold during the winter months and the double soled slippers keep our feet nice and toasty. Our good friend Jim was one of the first recipients of Hagrid slippers. I knitted them for him many years ago. A couple of years ago when the soles began to wear out, instead of having me fix them, he foolishly put glue on them. I chastised him for his idiotic behavior and pronounced him not worthy of a new pair. Then I knit his wife Patrice a pair to taunt him. He continued to wear the slippers with the tacky glued sole.It was Jim's 50th birthday this week. Adrian has known him since they were young lads participating in Ukrainian dancing. I've know him since he came to visit Adrian when we were living in Hawaii in the early 80's. In honor of this lifelong friendship and his milestone birthday, I decide to forgive his past transgressions and knit him another pair of Hagrid slippers. His last pair were green and black. I opted for navy blue and charcoal for this pair. I do know one thing for sure, if Jim puts glue on this pair he's going to have to wear them until his 90th birthday.


Sue Thomas said...

They look fabulous, Pam!!! Love the blue/charcoal combo!

KV said...

Ohmygosh, these are awesome!

Kathy V in NM

freebird said...

Do these really last a long time? I knit my son at least two pair of double strand knitting worsted weight socks every Christmas but they don't last very long and he keeps wearing them with gigantic holes in them. I could sure use an idea that really wears for a year or so.