Monday, March 23, 2009

Al Fresco Knitting

Yesterday I took advantage of the unseasonably warm weather we've been enjoying here in Minnesota and carried my current knitting project outside for a bit of al fresco knittery. It was sunny and warm enough to sit outside without a jacket, but breezy enough that the sweater I am knitting felt cozy and warm draped across my lap.
The sweater is a top down raglan cardigan knit from cascade 220 summer sky heather. The lace pattern is simple and was easy to memorize. I had done quite a bit of knitting on it last week so by yesterday I had just three more inches to knit until the sweater body was complete. Unfortunately, one row of a top down raglan takes a long time to knit. Since the sweater is knit in the round, the row consists of the entire circumference of the sweater. This would not take too long if you were shaped like a heroin-chic supermodel, but my body is shaped more like the iconic venus of willendorf and therefore requires substantially more knitting to complete a sweater.
So I spent yesterday afternoon in my lawn chair, enjoying the sun and knitting away on my sweater. I was determined to finish that afternoon and as it turned out, I needed less than two inches of knitting until the sweater was long enough. It was a lovely surprise, finishing early, and if all goes as planned I should be wearing my new sweater by the end of the week.


shanz said...

I think I should love Summer Sky Heather!!

Cathy said...

I think that your Mom would look very well appointed in Summer Sky Heather!

carmen said...

I think any Venus of today would look beyond wonderful in Summer Sky Heather. Since I've actually had the privilege of fondling it, and holding my breath for the 'cutting down the center" ceremony, I think I should at least get to try it on! It's another beautiful work by Pamtastic! Carmelita

Gloria said...

Is there anything you are not a master of?